It’s growing!

Sorry for long absences! I’ve been crafting, I promise. The crocheted Trinity Blanket is growing! I stupidly forgot which brand of yarn I bought and I’m almost out of the dark blue border, so I have to go find some more and hope it’s the same brand. Oops. Also, a picture of the earrings that I made on the Wild West Women’s Rodeo Roundup this weekend. (I also got some sun. Yay)

(I kind of think that the pink ones look like gum, but maybe that’s just me.)

I now have seven of the circles

A close up of the Trinity blanket now that the triangles are attached to the circles and the circles are attached together.

Seven down, 14 to go!


2 thoughts on “It’s growing!

  1. I agree – I’m thinking the big thick pink bubble gum that comes rolled up with the paper twisted on both sides. It takes a minute to get all chewed, but by then the flavor’s gone.

    I’ve totally surpassed you on my trinity blanket. Only seven? You’re sooo slow.

  2. I’m really impressed by this pattern you are using. My crochet skills are non existant. And yes I want to eat the pink earrings.

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