Strawberry, strawberry, strawberry jampot

This blanket is actually really fun to work on. It’s something you can just do one small triangle at a time, but the only frustrating thing is that you need to bring all 4 skeins to do even just one triangle. But it’s still the most fun I’ve had crocheting a blanket. You make each triangle and then crochet the triangles together to make a hexagon, and then you connect the hexagons to make a large blanket. I haven’t started connecting my hexagons yet, but I will make sure that I keep everyone updated.


My table is a mess of yarn all the time!


This is the starting triangle. I really like the colors, nice and mellow


Once you add all the triangles together, this is what you get. I’m not entirely sure how to attach the rest together, but I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

**Edit** I remembered something else. We renamed this blanket because it had some dumb name, but it’s the Celtic Trinity blanket now! We saw it at the fair and tried to figure it out through the glass window, but Charissa was finally the one who tracked down the pattern.


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