I’ll make the most of it, I’m an extraordinary machine

I apologize for not having any new crafty things to show off. I have been very busy with everything else, on top of being sick for the past two weeks. There were some horrid diseases going on around our family and then I got my wisdom teeth pulled, so it’s been a real fun, so instead of out doing things in the real world I’ve been thinking what I want for my little apartment.


I like this chair alot, but it might be a little bit wild.


A fun area rug


I would love a shelf like this to put all of my cool stuff in.

So that’s all!


3 thoughts on “I’ll make the most of it, I’m an extraordinary machine

  1. I like the chair, but you would have to make a really cute blanket for your bed, because the pastel cover with that chair, would be psycho. I like it though! You should go to Goodwill and look for ugly chairs that are in a good shape, and then you could recover it with cool fabric like that.

  2. I quite agree. My pastel quilt is getting old anyway, I am thinking about maybe putting the red, white and blue one on, even though it doesn’t REALLY go with the rest of my apartment, like, at all, but I need to finish it. I will go to the fabric store sometime and get some maybe blue border fabric and something to put inside it. Or, maybe I will get some fun fabric scraps and make a new quilt all together!

  3. Well, i’m curious to know where i could get the chair. My daughter thinks it’s way cool and i’d like to get if for her.
    Do you know?
    Thanks and Merry Christmas.

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