Trying to keep warm

This is a blanket I’ve been working on for a while. I don’t know that I will finish it any time soon, but it’s taking a long time. I have three panels finished and I think I need 8 or so, with every other one being cable knitted. I love the color, but I’m not sure if it comes across in the pictures. It’s called Lemon Grass, but it’s more of a sage green. It’s very pretty. The yarn is, unfortunately, very expensive, so I buy it one skein at a time.




5 thoughts on “Trying to keep warm

  1. I’m sorry that you’re still sick. I am feeling pretty much better, but still sometimes hacking up a lung or two…but Adam is now coming down with it 😦 I’ll pray for you so that you can get your teeth pulled. Hopefully, they won’t cause you too much pain, mine were only bad for a little while.

  2. Um, since this is a craft site, have you looked at Alicia’s? She has several craft blogs on her blog and one of them has free patterns for sewing and stuff. It really looks neat, I think that I am going to try out a few of the dresses!

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