And with 148 days to go…

Can I just say wedding planning is so fun, and that Martha Stewart is my hero?

Planning is all coming together nicely and we’re nearly done with the reception decorations. The sanctuary will be pretty simple, mostly because there will be a whole lot of people up at the front with the large wedding party we’re having, so not a lot of point in that because it will just be hidden!

Also, is pretty fun, too. I’m finding it harder to finish up at work now that I’ve officially put in my notice for the end of May, especially with a possible trip to Europe on the horizon! I know this has nothing to do with crafts, but I think this blog might end up veering away from that. We’ll see!

I need to start some baby projects for little baby Chuck Skrivan. Any ideas for gender neutral (at least for right now) baby stuffs?

Wedding Website

If you’d like to take a look at our wedding website, you can click this link here. It’s not entirely completed yet, as I don’t have all the wedding party in there. However, you should still take a look around because it’s pretty fun!