Snow Day

Apparently I hadn’t been checking the weather report, so I was pretty shocked when we woke up to 9 inches of snow! Even though Sam had to skip school today, we made up for it by building a snowman and getting to play outside. It’s pretty gorgeous outside right now- completely blue skies and sunny!

Effie was quite a vision in pink. Little marshmallow baby in her snowsuit!


Sam is learning how to make a perfect a snowball.DSC_0104
Much snow was eaten today. Tasty stuff!DSC_0107

Effie, poor girl, we didn’t have any mittens or gloves her size, so she didn’t last long in the snow. But she did have fun sitting in her cozy-coupe car and attempting to use the shovel.


And, of course, our pitiful small snowman. It wasn’t great snow-man building snow, so this was about as far as we got before people lost interest. Snowball throwing is way more fun, anyway.


But for now, it’s perfect “sitting on the couch and finishing the last minute Christmas gift” weather!



One thought on “Snow Day

  1. Great photos of your precious kids! Sadly, we don’t have any snow here in PA (s.central) where El Nino winds have frequently brought us temps 20-30 degrees above average…Feels more like Spring than winter. Some confused trees have opened up their buds.

    Take care, Be Well to All, and Merry Christmas!

    Joselyn Stahl


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