Persephone Ebrill

Persephone (Effie for short!) came into the world on 4/22/14! She is feisty and chubby and we can’t get enough of her. She was 8lbs 7oz and a whopping 21 inches long, a decent amount bigger than her brother was- explains what she’s been doin’ in there for the past 42 weeks!

She was a little late for Easter, but she she fills out her Easter sweater quite nicely!





She’s quite delightful and her cheeks are super yummy. She’s a great sleeper and really enjoys bonking herself in the face with her fist while trying to eat. Sam is getting fonder and fonder of her, but still a bit unsure of this new little person who is getting a whole lot of attention, but he’s coming around! We’re pretty darn pleased!



7 thoughts on “Persephone Ebrill

  1. Sam & Effie–I grew up with the original Sam & Effie and it’s WONDERFUL to have Sam & Effie in the family, again. I cannot express how cool it is. What a BEAUTY she is, too! What a gorgeous family!

  2. Effie is one gorgeous little girl…if you sent the pictures when she was 3 days old, she is indeed an AMAZING baby! Have fun!

  3. Awwww congratulations! She is positively precious! May you bask in the joyful glory of that beloved daughter, and may she continue her sculpting by God’s gracious handiwork into a corner pillar fit for His palace. Amen.

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