38 Weeks!

Welp, still pregnant! She doesn’t seem like she wants to come out any time soon, she’s happily baking away in there. She is very, very active. She keeps flipping around. She is head down for right now (And better stay that way!) but flipped transverse this past weekend, then flipped head down again. A few weeks ago she did some big somersaults and ended up breech for a week, but we got her all sorted out, so hopefully she won’t flip back up! Β I’m kind of amazed she still has room to move so much, considering I’m measuring around 41 weeks right now (eek!)


Sam is very excited now about his baby sister coming out to ‘play’. He poke my belly button and says “Come out soon, baby sister!” I am hoping she decides to listen to him soon and come out, but we still have a week and two days til my due date, so I guess we should just be patient.


Sam’s newest obsession is “Curr Story” (Toy Story) and he requests to watch it nearly every day. I have a hard time saying no to that face! He tells me that he “reary reary rikes Hoody” (really really likes Woody). I gotta admit I am ok with his obsession with Toy Story, and I’d much rather watch that than Thomas the Tank Engine (his previous obsession).

Spring has finally sprung here in Idaho and it’s absolutely gorgeous out today! Got four loads of laundry done and folded (and put away! The hardest part!), bathroom bleached and scrubbed and the whole house clean and the windows are open to let everything air out- so wonderful after such a long winter to be able to have the doors and windows open and not be freezing. I’ve also been doing a ton of knitting for baby girl that I realize I haven’t shown you guys yet! I need to do a major photo shoot, I just wish I had a baby to model these things on- they’re always cuter on the baby, aren’t they?



One thought on “38 Weeks!

  1. Can’t wait to see all of those knitty projects (with a baby in them?!) :). I did all of my house airing Monday, Tuesday, and and yesterday. Today got a bit cooler. Oh well

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