Cabin Fever

We’ve gotten a lot of snow this week, and my poor little buddy is getting cabin fever. He is not a fan of the snow (He doesn’t like being cold or wet, but yet won’t keep gloves on, so go figure) We got about 6 (ish?) more inches last night. That’s Β pretty rough guesstimate, judged by looking out my living room window to see how much is piled on top of my windshield. And right now I am very thankful that I cancelled my dentist appointment today in Lewiston so I won’t have to do any crazy highway driving! |
Sam actually played outside in the snow for like 15 whole minutes the other day. That is a huge improvement to screaming when he saw it and crying that it made the ground “icky”.





Yes, he does have proper snow gear, I just snapped these shots as we were walking back in from running errands, so he wasn’t wearing his whole snow ensemble. But this cabin fever is proving great for one thing: Potty training! We can run around the house all day without pants on and it works out just fine. A little chilly, but hey, ya gotta do what you gotta do.

So instead of going out, I think we’ll just sit here and watch some Netflix and knit. Sounds like a decent plan for a snow day, no?



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