Sam, 17 Months.


I did a knitting trade with someone, I knitted her some hats and she did a photo shoot with Sam! I love, love, LOVE how they turned out. I am so floored by these pictures, I think they turned out so great! Sorry for the huge photo-bomb, but I couldnt pick a


s1 s2 s5 s8-bw s9-bw s13 s15 s20-bw s22

He was so proud of this block tower. He built it himself!!!


He’s still currently around 20lbs, we can’t seem to get any heavier than that! But he is getting taller, so that’s good. He still doesn’t eat very well, but we’re getting better about trying new foods. He is getting really, really vocal and will tell you when he wants something by asking please and by saying thank you once you give it to him! It’s really, really cute. He is a climbing master and can get up onto tables and such without too much trouble. It’s a little scary, but I guess that’s just life with a toddler! He’s been doing really well with the babysitter while I am at work, but has been pretty clingy in the evenings, understandably. He is just so much fun to watch learn and grow- he never stops surprising me!!



4 thoughts on “Sam, 17 Months.

  1. He is so cute… and a flirt also…. those pictures are wonderful…. give him kisses and hugs from all the women,,,,,LOL

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