Dragon! Rawr!

I made a Dragon for my sweet cousin Logan.

HAIR 045

HAIR 053

HAIR 059

HAIR 063


I really like this guy. He’s awfully fun. If I get some spare time (hah!) I might try to make one for Sam. But for now I’ve got to finish up the last few of my custom orders. I’ll feel much better once those are behind me, I hate making people wait for them for too long. I’ve got a sweater to finish up, hopefully this weekend and that will be IT for my custom orders!

Work is going well so far. Sam is loving hanging out with his buddy Caden all day. He’s napping well there and getting lots of play time. Sam is a very social kid, so being around other people all day is great for him. He’s happy as a clam and I’m not constantly fretting about how he’s doing. He loves their two dogs, too! I gotta admit, I was pretty anxious about leaving him all day, but he seems to be doing great and putting all my fears to rest.

Now back to knitting!


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