Rockford Socks

Someone commissioned a pair of Rockford socks for Christmas and I was so excited to make them! I don’t make socks very often at all (In fact it’s been a few years!) so I was really happy to get to make something other than a hat or stuffed animal. I’m really pleased with the way they turned out!






Paul tried them on for me to make sure the fit was correct, and he declared them “the most comfortable socks I’ve ever worn”. I asked him if he wanted a pair and he said no, because he would feel too badly if he got a hole in them. Hah! So apparently he’ll stick with his Walmart tube socks…

And back to knitting stockings!


6 thoughts on “Rockford Socks

  1. wonderful socks! what size needles did you use and what yarn? I’m sure oomfort has to do with the yarn as well as the wonderful job knitting. I would really like to start knitting socks….I have been doing a lot of dishcloths because I like quick and practical! Socks are certainly practical! 🙂

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