Cadence Sweater

I made the Cadence Sweater (By commissioned by The Yarn Underground.

I LOVE this sweater. I need to make one for myself, for sure. It was a fun and pretty simple knit.

I made it on size 8’s so the shoulders wouldn’t be so droopy and the neckline wouldn’t be as large because I’m not a fan of the off-the-shoulder look.




9 thoughts on “Cadence Sweater

  1. It’s so cute! Great job! How long did it take you to make? I want to make a sweater, but I have a patience problem when it comes to knitting…I need it done NOW lol

  2. Awesome hope!
    Elizabeth, a couple weeks. Not sure exactly, but I kept on putting it down and working on other things in the midst, since the plain stockinette stitch of the waist and arms got kind of tedious.

  3. The sweater is absolutely beautiful!! You did an amazing job!! I have made shawls, toys, hats, scarves,etc. but i have never made a sweater. It is on my to do list……i really want to knit one i just need a little more confidence in myself. You should definately make one for yourself because it looks amazing on you!!

  4. You and the sweater are both beautiful! It looks great on you and I think you had better make one for yourself!

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