Rasta-Beanie, Take Two.

The first rasta-beanie apparently wasn’t enough rasta for the customer and he wanted another one!

Oh my goodness, this one gave me such a headache. It really shouldn’t have been that hard, but pregnancy brain makes even the simplest things difficult, you know?

I guess it is more of a beret? Anyway, I finally figured out it had to knit it intarsia style, and knit it flat. Gah! It took me a long time to figure that out, but once I did it was pretty simple. However, having six skeins of yarn that I was working with was kind of a nightmare! They got all tangled and it was pretty slow going trying to get that all sorted out.

That’s the hat inside out, obviously. I think it looks kind of cool.

But now I know how to knit an intarsia style beanie, knit flat. In case anyone wants to know…


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