Racing Hat

A custom order for a racing hat! Supposed to be checkered like the racing flag!

Sam wasn’t thrilled about modeling.

But he isn’t thrilled about modeling anything these days. That means sitting still long enough for mama to get a picture. He’s not a fan of sitting still at all.

But speaking of Sam, he is doing much better! He is sleeping better and eating better and gaining weight! He’s *almost* 16 lbs now! He gained 11oz inbetween his appointments, which were just over 2 weeks apart, which is fantastic weight gain, especially for him. He is much happier now and very, very active. He is trying to walk now, which is crazy! He hasn’t successfully actually done any walking, but he will walk with the push toy and walk along furniture. The house is a bit turned upside down right now because we are in the midst of packing and moving, he likes playing “baby in a box”and he’s loved playing with the boxes and newspapers. We are pretty thrilled with his reaction to the medication and we hope it continues to work and he’ll keep on gaining weight!


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