Nothing is safe.

Sam has learned to climb stairs.

He was so incredibly thrilled with himself, though. Smiled for a good 20 minutes.

Getting back down proved trickier than he anticipated. So he just jumped. But I was there to catch him, don’t worry.

Sam also got a ride-along toy, he can’t move on it yet, but he really enjoyed sitting on it and holding onto the handle.

He is getting such a hilarious personality. And he’s getting really fun to hang out with. He’s really coming into his own, it feels like every day he is learning new tricks and getting into more stuff and it’s a lot of fun to watch him figure things out. He’s getting really good at crawling (so fast!) and he babbles non-stop now. (Lots of mama’s, dada’s, baba’s and lalalalala’s, and a WHOLE lot of squeals!) He is still having a bit of separation anxiety, but as long as dad is in view he is happy as a clam. He likes to blow raspberries on your arm. He’s also VERY ticklish and he will laugh hysterically if you tickle his feet or his armpits. Another favorite activity is pulling hoodie strings out. He’s becoming such a funny little person! And I am so glad I get to be around for all of this!


2 thoughts on “Nothing is safe.

  1. Thanks, Pauline. I gotta admit, this makes me nervous! I need to invest in some more baby gates. I did NOT think we were about to start stairs already! Oh goodness. But yes, he is SO proud of himself!

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