Baby Led Weaning

Sam will eat just about anything in a spoon (except avacado or bananas!) but spoon feeding isn’t really the most fun, and it’s hard to eat while also feeding Sam, and I like it when we can all eat together. (Plus, if you are eating and Sam is not he is very unhappy) So I am trying a bit of baby-lead weaning. I steamed up some butternut squash and made sure it was very, very soft and let him have at it. He seemed a little confused and needed a little bit of guidance, but seemed to like it ok.

He’s also very fond of grabbing a big handful of it and throwing it on the floor. Hm.. we’re trying to discourage that.

Also, the kid has discovered his feet.

And he is in love with them.


5 thoughts on “Baby Led Weaning

  1. Oh, Autumn, I don’t really know. We are just firmly telling him no. And then putting it back on the tray. If he throws it off twice I take it away. Then he gets sad. So I wait a minute then give it back, then he’ll usually eat it. I have figured out that if I put more than 1 or two pieces on there he will tend to play with them (and smash them with his hands) instead of eat them, so now we are just doing 2 pieces or food at a time.

  2. Hmm. We’ve been experimenting with taking things away (and ignoring certain behaviors) too. It doesn’t work consistently yet. And incrementally dishing out portions too. I should probably start smaller. But sometimes it’s so tempting to dump a ton of food on his tray so that I can fold clothes or whatever, without replenishing his supply every two minutes.

    Getting Sam used to what “no” means can’t start too soon, I suppose. Man, I hate, hate, hate disciplining!

    Ezra just discovered that he can squish a whole banana in his hands so suddenly his favorite food is now his favorite toy. Stinker.

  3. I would say take it away and also get him out of his chair after two firm NO’s. then try again in 15 min or so…also a tap of the hand is a pretty good reminder, I know it’s a lot of work, but after a few times they usually figure out the corilation. Kinda the same for when they start biting at nursing time…only takes a few times to figure out for them.

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