Sweet Potato

There are some bigger knit projects in the works, so I don’t have many crafty updates for you quite yet, but to tide you over here are a few pictures of Sam eating sweet potatoes.

This is his “hollering for more” face.

Eating puffs.

“Look, mama! I got my bib off!”

I think we are having some luck with fattening him up. We are offering him food pretty often, and he’ll usually take it. He loves carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, but most of all MANGOES! The kid goes crazy for mango. Not a huge fan of  other fruits yet, but that’s alright, he loves his veggies!


4 thoughts on “Sweet Potato

  1. He has good taste for loving mangoes hehe. They’re my favorite fruit too. Have you tried sugar snaps, my Mom said I was crazy for those as a toddler (or is he too young for them)?

  2. I was led here for the knitting, but dang do you have a cute kid! The second cutest I’ve ever seen! Sorry, mine comes first, but he’s almost two, so not a baby anymore, but a handsome boy.

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