Poor kid always has to model the girly stuff, too.

He doesn’t mind too much if he gets to play with pieces of paper. They’re pretty much his favorite thing ever.

If I turn my back for one second it’s in his mouth being chewed.

And then he makes this sad face when you take it away. “Why would you do this to me, mama?”

But he’s happy again once I give it back!

So, we have Samuel’s 6 month well-child visit today, meaning the dreaded shots. I amΒ really not looking forward to it, but I’ll be relieved that they’re done. The last set of shots Sam got weren’t terrible, he was just a bit grouchy and had a little trouble staying asleep, but hopefully he’ll handle these well. I’m a bit concerned with his weight gain (or lack-thereof) I know he’s not malnourished or anything (have you SEEN those thighs?!) but he is still under 15 lbs, which is on the very small side for a 6 1/2 monther. I’m also curious to ask the doctor about his frenulum as it still pulses very strongly and you can see it moving from across the room and I don’t know if that’s normal or not. I know he’s hitting all of his 6 month milestones and he’s doing great with solids, but it’s always good to get the all-clear from the doctor, too. Happy Friday!


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