Pink Stegosaurus

Another custom order for a Stegosaurus hat, only this one is toddler sized and a little girly. But that’s ok- Sam doesn’t mind.

Also, does anyone have any tips for getting him to take a bottle or a sippy cup? We’ve tried letting him do it himself, we’ve tried warming it up, cooling it down, trying faster flow nipples, trying different bottles, trying pumped breastmilk, water, etc. We’ve had other people try to give it to him (while we weren’t home), tried Paul giving it to him, etc.He used to take a bottle just fine, but has recently decided (as of early February) that he is no longer interested. He’ll play with the sippy cup, but won’t actually drink out of it. It’s not a huge deal, but seeing as though he still needs to eat every few hours that means I don’t really ever get to leave his side for more than 3 hours at a time. And mama needs a break every once in a while!


7 thoughts on “Pink Stegosaurus

  1. Have you tried like get ready to do the feeding but actually put the bottle in place and possibly see if it works? I know may sound crazy but anything is possible.

  2. I had the same problem. Three hour breaks are great, but occasionally, you need a wee bit of your old life back! What worked for me was to use a “sippy cup” but one with a built in straw. If you start them early enough, they still suck on everything they put in their mouth, and the straw was then used.. If you wait till about a year, when they have none of the original sucking instinct left, they just put the straw part in their mouth and nothing happens…

    LOL – People thought I had gifted babies cause they knew how to use a straw before other babies!

    Here’s hoping..

    P.S. I adore the hat!

  3. I know these pics will re-surface at Sam’s wedding reception someday. We gave Caleb the same cup Sam’s holding. I have no other input sorry.

  4. We finally found one Ezra can drink out of all on his own.

    Of course, he does take a bottle, but as far as sippy cups went, the ones we tried were nigh impossible for him to get liquid out of. I’m liking this one a lot. Basically, the pressure of his lips squeezing together allows the water to flow… so it doesn’t matter how he’s sucking.

  5. Autumn, I found the same problem, so I cut the hole in the top of the sippy cup a bit bigger. I could barely get anything out of it when I tried to suck on it, so I figured it would be really hard for Sam! He seems more interested in it now, if I put luke-warm water in it and then put it into his mouth instead of letting him hold it. If I let him hold it he just wants to tip it upsidedown and watch the water flow out. 🙂

  6. Sometimes watching the water flow out ( and then splashing in it) buys a few minutes of time to do stuff though… Not that I intentionally let Ezra make huge wet messes so I can wash dishes or anything. Ever.

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