Baby Popsicle!

So Sam has been teething pretty badly the last few weeks, stuffing everything into his mouth and whining a lot, chewing on his hands, drooling like crazy, you know, fun times, right? So in addition to his Baltic Amber Teething Necklace we are using Hylands Teething Tablets (He absolutely LOVES those things!) I started giving him some “baby popsicles”, which is just frozen breastmilk crunched up a little and put into this little mesh feeder, so he can chew on it and soothe his poor little inflamed gums!

He really seemed to like it!

Someone recently asked if I would update about the amber teething necklace, and I do have to say that I think it’s made a big difference! He drools a lot less and is noticeably less whiny when he is wearing it! I forgot to put it on him one morning, and it took me until 2 that afternoon to realize why he was being so fussy! I put it on and within an hour or so he had calmed down and was back to his silly little self. And as a bonus, I think it just looks so darn cute on him!


3 thoughts on “Baby Popsicle!

  1. Where did u get your amber necklace and what type. Our little one is starting to cut teeth and wondered if one necklace was better than others. Thx

  2. Stephanie, I got in on Etsy. I can’t remember the store name. Sorry! But they say that the lighter in color it is the more ‘potent’ it is, so go for the more honey colored amber instead of the darker ones.

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