Bunny Hat

A bunny hat custom order, and as a bonus Sam was especially photogenic today.

Bahaha! Right? I know!

He looked straight up and the hat fell over his eyes. He started laughing! He thought his ‘blindfold’ was hilarious.

This kid makes the most ridiculous faces… but you all knew that already!

And I will leave you with these eyes that stare right into your very soul.

5 thoughts on “Bunny Hat

  1. So I’m wondering just how much this very cute model gets paid. πŸ˜‰ He is really adorable and that hat is great too!

  2. Ali, maybe you’ve posted about it before, and I just missed it, but I just noticed Sam’s amber teething necklace. I have a couple of friends who swear by them, so I just got one for a friend’s baby the other day, but I have no teething baby to experiment on, myself, so I’m curious to hear how it’s working for you guys!

  3. Just did a search and found your posts about the necklace. Still, if you’d like to update, ‘twould be interesting to hear!

  4. This hat is my favorite. I will have to remember it when grandma asks about Christmas presents next year (alas, there is hardly any hat weather left in Florida).

    PS Your kid is soooooo cute.

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