Sock Monkey Hat

Anooother Custom order! A Sock Monkey Hat! Sam was not quite as willing of a model this time.

Oh well! Just try to remember what the last Sock Monkey hat I made looked like…

Silly, silly boy.

Blurry, but happy!

Ah! Finally a good one!

Ok- back to knitting! Still trying so hard to catch up on my orders! So behind!


One thought on “Sock Monkey Hat

  1. Ali, I love that hat!! I wondered where you got that pattern from. I have been asked to make one of those for a local baby photographer to use as a prop. I can’t find a pattern that I like. Can you help me out? I am new to the making custom orders. I think your sock monkey hat sets the standard on what a sock monkey hat should look like!! You are awesome, and I love your blog!!!
    Trish King

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