More Headbands!

These headbands are proving to be a popular seller recently, too!

Which is good because they are so quick to knit up.

Nothing quite as classy as mirror pictures, right?

Someone also wanted one in yellow- but no flower. She is going to do some bead work on it.

I hope she sends me a picture of what she is doing with it, because I am curious!


7 thoughts on “More Headbands!

  1. Hi Ali,
    These headbands are so cute! Do you take orders for certain colors? If so, how much do you charge for them?
    Ruth Hill

  2. Awesome! I would love to order one! I’m a bit hung up on the color combo though:-( Do you have a recommendation for a color combo that would work with chocolate brown, heather gray & powder blue? If necessary, we can give up on the brown and just make something to look nice with the blue and gray; but I’d love to hear your thoughts:-)

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