Little Red Dress

I made a little red dress for one of my friends newest arrival, Poppy.

It has a button up in the back. I modeled the yoke after the Shalom Sweater (and funnily enough, I made the dress out of the yarn I unraveled from the sleeves of my Shalom sweater!) And I tried it on Sam to make sure it would fit a baby. Man, Sam would be a cute little girl! But I didn’t take any pictures, I don’t want to be that mom. You know, dressing your son in drag might be frowned upon…

And I also got some of these cool tags at Michaels to add to my knitted creations that I give away. You know, just incase they forget who made it.

I am hoping to get a cool sewing machine one of these days where I can embroider my name on them all professional-like, but until then, a Sharpie will do just fine.

Ok- off to finish my Christmas orders. I am nearly done with them! Whew!


One thought on “Little Red Dress

  1. Mom has had tons of embroidered tags with lots of options (“made with love by Debbie Darms,” “sewn just for you…,” “made by…”) – “professional” and personal – that she’s ordered throughout the week that I know have been pretty cheap…

    But what about having “Knittybutton” on there too? Or instead of your name?

    Woo hoo on finishing orders!

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