Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap

Sam has a lot of hats, I know, but when I saw the pattern for this one I couldn’t resist making it.

I know, RIGHT?

I am loving this hat. And those boys. Seriously.

I love that it keeps his whole head warm (even his little ears!) but it doesn’t slide down over his face, like his other hats do. Every time we put a hat on him, 30 seconds later he’s fussing because it’s slid down over his eyes, and now that it’s cold here in Idaho, it’s definitely a necessity to wear a hat. AND it buttons underneath his chin so he can’t pull it off!

Sam was tired of posing, I guess, but he was a good sport while it lasted. So, in goes the “mute button”.

I’m thinking that there’s several little ones that might need this hat for Christmas. I better get started.


5 thoughts on “Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap

  1. Ali, Sam is probably the cutest baby I’ve ever seen! Love, love, love the hat. Any chance I could commission a toddler size? Jack is 19 months.

  2. I do love those little Norwegian Hats….I’ve dabbled with the idea of including one in D&M but so far resisted. You’re little guy looks very toasty warm in his. vicki

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