Little Blue Buttercup

I made this sweater for a sweet little girl, the daughter of some friends who live far away.

I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. I love the color.

But my favorite feature is how the cable that goes down the front goes all the way around the hood. I love that little detail!

The back cabling is fun, too.

I am pretty excited to get this in the mail to her this week, even though it might not fit her for a little while. I just love finishing big projects!


6 thoughts on “Little Blue Buttercup

  1. Ali, we just got your package in the mail!! This is the most beautiful article of clothing that Sylvia has. The color is so perfect, its one of our favorites for her. It actually already fits her since she is such a big girl, but there is plenty of room for her to continue to grow. She’ll be able to wear it for such a long time. We are so blessed by your beautiful work. I’m going to send you a picture soon!

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