Month 2

Sam is now two months old. I can barely believe he’s 2 months old! It’s ridiculous, really. He’s growing at a pretty rapid rate, and is chunking up quite nicely. So here are his Monthly pictures! (Here’s a link to Month 1, in case you missed it!) And I think until I make a decision on which shot I want to use every month I’ll just keep taking these three shots and doing them, and decide later. I’m still leaning towards using the first one, with his bear for contrast as to how much he’s grown. Here is a link to a page that I’ll be updating every month with all of the pictures together, so you can see them side by side!

Sam, with his bear:

Sam in his crib:

Sam with crocheted pillow:

It’s amazing to look at the pictures side by side. There’s such a HUGE change from month one to month two. It’s AMAZING how much he’s changed! He’s so cheerful in the mornings and he’s started talking and singing to his mobiles. It’s adorable. This morning when I went to get him he was happily singing to his elephants. He gets pretty fussy in the evenings, but I think he’s just getting bored with me by the end of the day, but Paul can usually get some smiles out of him. He absolutely LOVES it when we sing to him, he just lights up whenever Paul plays the guitar or we turn on music, he especially loves classical music and he starts crying when we turn it off!

He’s sleeping pretty well at night, he goes down right at 8:00pm without a fight, and will sleep until 1:00 or 2:00am before waking up to eat, and then will sleep again until about 5:00am, gets back up around 7:30 (he hears his dad getting ready for work and doesn’t want to miss out on any fun!) but once Paul leaves he falls back asleep and usually sleeps until 9:30 or 10:00am. We started a bedtime routine when we got back from Tacoma almost two weeks ago, and I think it’s helped a lot. We go into his room, make sure it’s really dimly lit, he nurses, we swaddle him, sing him 2 or 3 songs, then lay him down in his crib and give him a pacifier and he’ll go right to sleep. Sometimes he wakes up about 30 minutes later, but just needs a pat on his bum and he’ll fall right back asleep. His naps during the day have gotten really sporadic and short, but I figure since he’s sleeping so much at night it’s ok and I don’t mind too much, cuz he’s so stinkin’ cute and fun to hang out with. We try to get out of the house at least once a day, even if it’s just taking a quick walk around the neighborhood, and he’s always happy when we leave the house. Probably because he gets attention from all the ladies wherever we are.

But we’re still loving this whole parenting thing, it’s just getting even more fun now that Sam is more interactive and he smiles and coos and just generally lights up our entire lives. We love you, Sam!

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