Puffy Vest

One of our friends gave Sam his very first puffy vest! It’s a bit too big, still, but will fit him perfectly later on this winter. But I just couldn’t wait to try it on him and show you guys how stinkin’ adorable it is.

And that’s a yawn, not a scream, in case you were wondering. But just wait. It gets even more adorable.

Oh we were getting lots of laughs today!

Some MAJOR baby giggles going on over here.

And then I started laughing so hard at him that we both just kept giggling.

And then we stopped. And we wanted to eat.

And that’s the end of the story.


2 thoughts on “Puffy Vest

  1. Aww he looks so adorable. My son was next to me while reading the post and he look at your son and said “bubby” meaning baby. You have a very handsome lil’ guy!

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