Buttons Buttons

I also spent time this weekend sewing buttons on completed projects. I’m so bad about actually finishing projects! I love actually finishing the knitting part of it, but then I put it aside and forget to do the little things like sew buttons on and weave in the ends.

But, I got these all completely finished. I was hoping to have a baby to put them on, but hey, you know, no biggie, right?

I got some wooden buttons on the Cabled Hoodie, it looks a lot better with buttons, I think.

And I also got buttons sewn on the Pebbles vest!

Other than that… pretty much just been sitting on the couch. How exciting!


4 thoughts on “Buttons Buttons

  1. Super SUPER cute! I love that cabled sweater. I wish that I knew how to do cables, I bet I could, I am just afraid. As usual.
    I also want to say that I wish you were in the area so that you could bum on my couch. I am also dying over here trying to figure out his name!

  2. Um, cables are easy-peasy. I could teach you in like 15 minutes. Especially since you already have the basics of knitting down pat. Seriously, remind me when you come out to (eventually) meet Togglebuttons and I will teach you. 🙂 And I wish I was sitting on your couch, too!

  3. Buttons make everything cuter.

    I’m starting to get inspired to knit again… Hmm… Mostly ‘cuz my baby’s getting jealous of your baby’s wardrobe.

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