Blue Booties!

So, I went to a baby shower last night, and I whipped up some little blue baby booties and a hat for the little dude.

This was a super confusing pattern. OH my word.

But I eventually figured it out, with enough time to whip up a matching hat, to boot!

And in other good news, my car is fixed(ish)! The door latch is still broken, and has been for 2 years, (You can only open it from the inside, and only when the window is rolled down, yes, it’s a pain in the rear, but no one in Moscow carries parts to my car and it would be several hundred dollars just for the parts and we’ve put up with it for so long anyway that it doesn’t really bother us that much anymore) but we now have a functioning window! The poor guy at the window replacement place told me it would only take a hour… so I waited for an hour. Then another hour, then another hour… then I went back in there to see what was going on and it was obvious that the guy was having a rough time with my door. Apparently my silly German car makes even simple little things extremely complicated. But the guy was nice and didn’t charge anything extra for two extra hours of labor, even though it took him 3x longer than he had told us. But huzzah, we have a window!

So, I probably won’t be checking in on the ol’ blog much this weekend because we have our second anniversary on Sunday! So we will be out celebrating!


2 thoughts on “Blue Booties!

  1. Aw, that stings! Hehe, just joking, I must say I prefer British cars (dreaming forever of a Mini Cooper). I’m glad to read that the window is fine now.
    The shoes and hat look really cute! Eventually I’ll be confident enough to try something like shoes too, looking forward to it already.

  2. Cute! Knitted goods on babies are the cutest.

    And hooray on a new window. That’s very handy.

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