Your Opinion Wanted.

Ok, so here’s the thing. I got this super awesome deal on this Cascade SuperWash Quattro Yarn that was really cute and I thought I’d make something fun for my baby boy. So I cast on some stitches without any real idea of what I was making and it turned into this:

Which Paul immediately declared “Too girly.”


I didn’t think it was too girly, but I can understand how he’d think so… the sleeves kind of flare out a bit, so I can see how it might seem a bit feminine. Here’s where I need your vote: Too girly or is it ok for a boy? It’s not like I don’t know any baby girlies who wouldn’t mind a little shirt.

So go cast your vote!


18 thoughts on “Your Opinion Wanted.

  1. Oh, this is great! And I don’t think it’s too girly. I think if you put sleeves on it, it would definitely up the androgynous factor. I think a Tiny Tong would be quite handsome in this.

  2. I think this is really cute but I have to agree with your husband. My first thought was that this would be fun to make for my granddaughter.

  3. Way too girly. Adam says um yes. But, you could prolly tear it out and make something else?! ‘specially since you liked the wool. I really like the coloring.

  4. I think if you modified the arm holes a bit, it would make a super cute sweater vest, or adding sleeves as suggested already would make it into a nice sweater. There’s something about the neckline combined with the little cap sleeves that make it look just a bit too girly.

  5. The state it’s currently in, yes, I would say it’s too girly. If you could make the top part more of a collar (make it thinner) and then add sleeves (I have no idea how that would translate into knitting as I am such a novice) you could definitely turn it into a boyish sweater.

  6. I think it looks a little bit girly but I agree with the others, that if you put sleeves on it, that would make a big difference, and lean more towards boy. I do love the yarn, though πŸ™‚

  7. This sweater reminds me of the shalom a bit, which makes it seem girly. I love the yarn chose, though. Can you rip it out (gasp), and make another sweater for your little man?

  8. Michael looked at it too,and asked what girl were you giving it too. Only raglan sleeves for a boy need to be long – cap sleeves just don’t happen. It is beautiful yarn

  9. I showed it to joe, not telling him your question just saying you were knitting it for your baby and he said, “I thought she was having a boy?”-so he apparently thinks too girly and I would agree, but it is cute:)

  10. Max agrees with the other men in the family!!
    But the colors are nice – it is the capped sleeves that make it look girly…

    But, you are so talented!

  11. Ok it’s girly, the top ruffly part especially but i think a couple of “boys rule” and skulls might help fix that problem.

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