Monkey Bread and a Slouchy Hat

Last night I had a huge craving for Monkey Bread. So, I made myself a batch. And it was delicious.

I don’t have a Bundt pan, so I had to use just a regular casserole dish, so it was a teensy bit soggy in the middle still, but it was perfect on the top and sides. I know some people don’t know what Monkey Bread is, so I will tell you. It’s made of that pre-made biscuit dough with white sugar, cinnamon, brown sugar and butter and baked until it’s all puffy and delicious. And it’s SO so good. Unfortunately I didn’t get started on it until like 8:30 pm, so by the time I made it and baked it, it was well after 9:00 pm, and then I got sort of a sugar rush and ended up staying up past my self-imposed 10:00pm bedtime.  Oh well.

Also last night I finished making another custom ordered slouchy hat.

Sorry for the cruddy picture quality… but it’s like I said, it was past my bedtime.


5 thoughts on “Monkey Bread and a Slouchy Hat

  1. I swear, you get more done pregnant and working than I get done in a day! I love your slouchy hat and I’m going to look for a recipe for the monkey bread because it sounds so darn good! 🙂

  2. Grace, there are a lot of recipes online that I’ve found and they all seem to be almost exactly the same. I omit the walnuts and raisins from mine because I don’t like the texture. Also, if you have a bundt pan it’s HIGHLY recommended, since mine was a bit soggy still in the middle.

    But seriously, this stuff is awesomely delish, but seriously high in sugar.

  3. I don’t have a bundt pan either and that has been the only reason I’ve never made monkey bread myself. Probably a good thing though because my figure seriously does not need monkey bread LOL.
    that is a great hat! I am going to have to make one very soon.

  4. Sarah, I am going shopping this afternoon to see if I can find myself one… mostly because I want more monkey bread… my excuse is that I am pregnant… but that’s not a great excuse for eating a boat-load of sugary carbs, is it? :/

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