“Happy Martin Luther King Jr, Day” or “Thanks for giving my husband the day off of work”

We spent most of today doing some mid-winter cleaning, and boy does it feel good. Ok. so some parts of the house are still a little…iffy, but Paul’s clothing situation is much improved, as is the craft room. (I even spent part of the afternoon whipping up a new apron which my husband requested. No really, my husband asked for his own apron, that way he can keep his shirts dry while he does the dishes..what a guy I snagged!)

The crafting room is looking great, guys. All my buttons are in the button jar, all my thread is in the thread drawer… and all the yarn is all over my freakin’ house… but sort of contained to the couch and the craft room. At least I crammed all that was upstairs into the set of Rubbermaid drawers, which are now full to the point of bursting. I may need to invest in a 3rd set of drawers for my yarn (and I have a huge Rubbermade tub full of yarn too. Yikes.) I was just thinking that I may need to do a yarn purge sometime this year, and just cut my losses and give it away… but then I get to thinking about it, and change my mind because I think of all of the wonderful projects I can make with it all. So I guess I’ll hang onto it for now.

So, all in all it was a productive day. Even got a good walk in. Oh, did I mention that the snow melted? Like ALL of the snow! No, really! It’s amazing, guys, it’s almost like that first day when you realize spring is just around the corner… except, it’s totally not. We’re just seeing a temporary mid-winter lull in the snow flurries, they’ll be back before we know it, and we’ll eventually see spring, sure, but it won’t be for another 3 -4 months. Sigh. But we did enjoy a brisk walk in the balmy 45 degree weather today, even if it was really windy.

This evening we are going out to dinner with Paul’s parents to celebrate Paul’s dad’s birthday, we’re going out to eat Mexican food (preeeeeetty much my favorite, ever) I hope everyone had a great MLKJ Day and I hope you got the day off, too.  If you did have the day off, be a dear and tell me what you did with your free day!


10 thoughts on ““Happy Martin Luther King Jr, Day” or “Thanks for giving my husband the day off of work”

  1. I had the day off too! Hoping for a late start tomorrow due to some impending yucky weather here in PA. Wanted to let you know I got my lovely blogiversary prizes! I just love them all! You do great work. I talked about them in a post on my blog & linked back to you.


    Thanks again!
    PS the hat was a bit big, but I have a small head & very thin hair, still going to wear it or maybe give it away on my blog! I really like it!! Have to decide if I want to share.

  2. Goodness I think you do have more yarn that I.
    We did not have the day off, but we had fun anyhow. Shopping in Costco and all. But the sunshine ad the kids that feel better really did make the day awesome.

  3. I love love LOVE that picture of the buttons. Buttons are the best! Oh, and our lives sound a bit too similar right now: I’ve been gettin dirty with the cleaning and organizing around here too AND I went out for mexican food tonight too! lol.

  4. Today I went shopping…FOR EIGHT HOURS!!! Oh well, guess that’s what you have to do when you have a bunch of wedding things on your list. Still need to find shoes for my dress. Glad you had a productive day and even happier that you married an amazing guy! xoxo

  5. p.s. an hour of that shopping was spent waiting in JoAnns to cut the tulle for my veil. I had forgotten that it was a holiday and didn’t count on 20 people being in line at the cut counter before me!!!

  6. Boo. I did not get the day off. And how do you get so lucky with 45 degrees – we’re about 45 degrees below 0! Glad you got to enjoy the beautiful day! 🙂

  7. Kent has always wanted to go out to the new Cabela’s in Lacey…so…we went. It is pretty nifty with an indoor waterfall and about a million stuffed critters. Everything from deer to moose, wolves and elk, there are even African animals. There were also fun and large aquariums full of fish! We spent a grand total of $9(half of which was a big bag of lemon drops) as we really didn’t have the funds to afford anything else. The craziest thing is that we stopped for lunch on the way home and had MEXICAN. We found a restaurant that served an all you can eat buffett for $4 per child and $7 for adults. What a bargain!!! We ate so much that it counted as dinner too. =}Don’t know that we could have had a simpler or more relaxing day off!

  8. I got up at 4 am and went to work, Ezra and I took a 3 hour nap and then Adam got home early at 5. We ordered Chinese (not Mexican) and then Adam came down with that flu thing. But he’s nearly better now, and Ezra and I have avoided it. Wish I could hit up Old Navy! But even clearance isn’t always in the budget.

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