Sometimes I fail.

Major fail today in the knitting department. Good gravy, people, this is why you gauge! I am the queen of not gauging and hoping it all turns out well (Ok, so it’s worked on 3 sweaters for me so far, so I thought I had a good eye.. guess again.)

So, this is supposed to be a slouchy beret. But no. It turned into a skin tight beanie. An ugly one at that.

And lest you think it’s remotely slouchy in the back, I show you this.

Le sigh. Arg. So, I MAY have learned my lesson about gauge. But probably not. I rarely learn my lesson from failed knitting projects. I’ve already frogged the whole thing and cast on for another, hopefully, slouchy hat.


6 thoughts on “Sometimes I fail.

  1. Thanks for the explanation! I’ve never heard that before, and wasn’t sure if it meant pulling it out, or just throwing it away, or even something oddly related to a bullfrog… πŸ™‚

  2. I think it looked kinda cute! But I failed miserably on the cuff of the hat I’m working on as well. It looks nothing like it was supposed to, but oh well! πŸ™‚

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