Turtle Jr.

Another commissioned Christmas piece. A tiny turtle!

He’s pretty cute, I think.

Man, I am all kinds of bummed that I don’t get to keep these little fella’s. Someday when I have my own children I will knit them lots of toys to play with, but until then I guess I will have to be happy making them for other people’s kids.


He’s a pocket-sized turtle! Fits right in the palm of your hand!

Ok! Off to finish knitting a bat! (Yep! I’m knitting a little bat! I’m really excited about it)


10 thoughts on “Turtle Jr.

  1. I painted them in hopes of masking the ugliness of my right thumb. The fingernail fell off completely, now it is lumpy and weird looking, and I figured dark polish would cover up it’s hideousness. Seriously, it’s so gross looking Paul can’t even look at it.

  2. This little guy is so cute! I hope you decide to put up the pattern for him some day, I would make a million of them!

  3. soooo cute! I would love the pattern for this but can only find one for the larger turtle, please could you post the link?

  4. Sorry, Nicoleb! I dont have a smaller pattern written up, but if you just quit increasing sooner on the bigger turtle pattern you would end up with a smaller one- are you good at improvising?

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