So, many many bad jokes could be made about this little dudes name. “Nautie, Nautie” I believe was the title… but I will steer clear of that and just show you how cute he is.

Oh, now I see some stuffing coming out of his shell. Well, I’ll fix that after work.

He’s even got a creepy little cephalapod face… creepy but kinda cute?

Ok, so he doesn’t really look like a nautilus (See picture below), but it’s enough like it so that you can tell what it is, right?

Ok. Well.. sorta.

I thought the shell looked kind of cool before I attached the head and rolled it up.

it was like 2 ft long!


5 thoughts on “Nautilus

  1. Well I think it looks like a snail that ate something it didn’t like. I didn’t actually know what a nautilus looked like…so I guess it looks like one. This sea creature project is humorous to me…too bad they can’t be bath toys.

  2. OK, he is pretty cute, but I have never seen a nautilus while it was alive! I never knew they had tentacle things. eww.

  3. What on earth inspired you to make this little guy???

    He is pretty cute, but I definitely thought more like the offspring of a snail and a shrimp…but maybe that’s what a Nautilus really looks like anyway?

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