Purple and White later tonight.

I don’t normally get this much done at a craft night.

But it’s coming together nicely! I can’t believe that I knit this in five separate pieces and without even trying the stripes lined up perfectly! I have no idea how in the world that happened.

I kind of forgot buttonholes until I was already halfway done with the 2nd front half. Soo… guess this one is going to have toggle buttons or something? I haven’t quite gotten that far. So, now all I need is to block it, weave in the 10,000 loose ends (Stripes! Why do I even knit in stripes! It makes SO many more ends to weave in!), figure out buttons! And then it’ll be done!


2 thoughts on “Purple and White later tonight.

  1. Love it! OK, so I would like it better in say, pale blue? But it is so cute. Louella’s is adorable ,too. It would not let me leave a comment on that one.

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