So I just got some yarn in the mail.

It’s not quite as olive as the picture lets on.

I believe I will be making the Nimbus,(see below)

(I would modify it quite a bit, full sleeves and drop the waist)

OR the Drops Sweater

because I am very partial to hoods.

So what you think?!


8 thoughts on “Nimbus

  1. I was picturing the Nimbus 2000 and I was not sure that you could make a flying broomstick out of yarn – although if anyone could, you could.

  2. I prefer the first one, because I don’t like the “shoulder pads” that the other one looks like it has. But that green yarn is one I was looking at not that long ago, LOVE it.

  3. Oh yeah, Erika, I would NOT do the shoulders like that. I think it looks kind of silly. But I am thinking that it will be the Nimbus. The more I look at it the more I like it.

  4. No! Do Drops! I love it. Fix the shoulders, maybe, but a knitted hoody? So great. And it’s most different from anything else you’ve made for yourself.

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