Homemade Mac’n cheese

Last night we made mac ‘n cheese. It was so, so, so yummy.

It was delish. I added some dijon mustard, but next time I will definitly leave that out. But I might add a bit of ham or chicken, to make it a bit more filling.

also, some nice flowers from the farmers market.

And, a parting shot of my pearly whites! It’s so nice to not have braces!


2 thoughts on “Homemade Mac’n cheese

  1. It makes me so happy you update your blog so frequently.

    Yummy mac ‘n cheese! I’m curious to try it with dijon mustard though.

    Beautiful, cheery flowers.

    Cute photo. Yay for no braces!

  2. Trying to not be jealous of your pearly whites. At the same time you give me hope that mine will be gone someday. Oh Happy Day!

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