I made a Monkey

A monkey for a friend, but she doesn’t know it yet, so I can’t reveal her identity.

Cute, no?

I wasn’t so sure about the nose… it looked a little weird, but once it was all done I think it turned out ok.

Ezra didn’t approve, though.

He just wanted to spread yogurt on him.


7 thoughts on “I made a Monkey

  1. Thanks ladies, you are all so sweet! I’m glad you like him. I’ve got another one on the needles as we speak, because monkeys are in high demand, I guess!

  2. We LOVE him!! KayLynn loves her Monkey. She thinks his arms are so funny. She throws him in the air and says, funny, funny, silly monkey. Then she goes back and gets him. She had to sleep with him last night, and wanted to take him to Mimi’s house today. We love the tail!!! Thanks again for all your hard work – hes beautiful.

  3. Ali, I just wanted to say that I love your blog! Its so inspiring. I’m working on my second knitting project ever– but I have have high dreams!

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