So, remember like, two days ago when I was all excited because I ordered a swift?

My bad. My bad. My bad.

I need to remember things like “Don’t buy things that you’ve been telling your husband you want for the past 6 months, especially 2 1/2 weeks before your birthday”- ever heard of that one? Yikes. Luckily, I was able to cancel my order before it shipped, so I wasn’t even charged, or had to go through an annoying return process!

Paul got me an amazing GREEN swift! It’s so cute. It’s, um… retro? (Old, but not an antique, still pretty sturdy.)  He found it at The Storm Cellar, and saw me oogling it when we were there a few weeks ago. I’ll post pictures soon. He let me have it early because I am working on a sweater (made from Cascade Eco, which needed to be balled), so I am a happy camper!

That and I get to meet Louella (newborn daughter of one of my closest Moscow friends) this evening, and I am so excited to give her the Ripple Blanket!

Ok. Off to work!


3 thoughts on “Oops.

  1. HAHAHA! Oh My goodness that is such a Gronewold thing to DO! You crack me up. Glad you were able to return it without much trouble.

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