Help a girl out.

So I’ve gotten alot of positive feedback on my little knit animals, and have had several people ask me to make them for them and they’ll pay me…. but what do you guys think is a fair price for something like that? Obviously, the smaller ones (like the mouse) would be less, but I have NO idea what to charge. They do take a few hours, but not alot of money, because they use so little yarn. I looked some up online, and the prices vary so much that I don’t really think it’s a good gauge on how much to charge…

So, you should help me out!


15 thoughts on “Help a girl out.

  1. Adam and I both think about $15 for the big ones and I think $6 for the small ones, Adam said $12. The little crochet people at the toy store cost $6, but they are even smaller than your little guys, at least they seem to be from the pictures. You could really make a profit!
    Adam says $15 is probably the low end of what you should charge, and he’s usually a pretty good gauge of those things.
    That’s our thoughts.

  2. When I used to teach knitting, the girls in the yarn shop told me that I should charge 3 times the cost of the yarn for something handmade. That is the best guideline I have.

  3. Just realize that not many people will actually pay what they may think they are worth. I would say 5 for the tiny ones and 10 for the larger ones

  4. these are soo cute! You should search for knitted animals on Etsy to see what people are charging on average.

  5. You need to make it so that it is worth your time. Regardless of how much you spend, you are still putting your own time into it. Search it on ETSY and see what you come up with. I think these are so cute! I would pay good $ for them. πŸ™‚ Good Luck Happy Friday!

  6. The thing is, if I am only make 10 bucks it’s definitly not worth my time to make them to sell (I don’t really want to make them to only get like $2.00 an hour) because they are kind of difficult and take quite a bit of work.

    I did look on Etsy before I posted this, and suprisingly there aren’t many on there. Mostly just patterns to buy to make them. And the few that I did find were poorly made and the prices varied SO much that it wasn’t really a good gauge, I didn’t think.

    Thanks for all of your input!

  7. I totally agree with Adam and Erika and Aunt Diana. There are lots of things, that though I think are worth it, I will not spend my money on. And, though I don’t pay a lot for toys for KayLynn – what you are making can be passed down and I think that makes them worth the price. You are totally right, you don’t want to spend all of your time working for $2 an hour – you are worth more! These are the kinds of things I will actually spend money on. So, rest assured, that when you have the time and inclination to make one for K – I will happily pay you whatever you ask. Love you dear!

  8. I really don’t mind making them for family and friends for free, it’s more the people that are asking me to make them for them for gifts for other people, or things like that. πŸ™‚ Ok. A big monkey, coming your way! (It might take me a bit, I’ve got a lineup!)

  9. I also think preselling them can be a good idea – make a little album of their pictures and some colors that are available and then you don’t end up with inventory you won’t sell.
    Also after a few sells, you can see what is easiest to make and what sells best and then if you do a craft sale or something you can make those that sell faster.

  10. Yeah, I think taking more custom orders would be the best way to go, and so far the most requested have been the lamb, quite a few monkeys and several giraffes (although, still trying to figure out the giraffe… don’t know how to knit that and there aren’t any patterns that I like! Might just have to make one as well)

  11. $20 minimum. But you may not find a market…that’s OK too. Makes ’em more special(specialer?) when they are rare! Smocking dresses is the same problem. Selling a dress I spent 30 hours on for $35 bucks? No way. It’s got to be for someone special.

  12. I run into this all the time with my craft sales-pre selling is the way to go or buying the materials in bulk so you can charge a lower price. Honestly for people who don’t sew or knit they just don’t understand how much goes into it. I read the book How to turn your hobby into profit a few years back and it said at minimum charge $10 an hour for your time and then add materials and so forth, then to the total add 3% not really much profit, but if you love to do it??:)

  13. Thanks, Sarah!

    I think I’ve decided to just make them as gifts and not worry about selling them! Too much hassle! (that is, unless someone wants to pay me that much! haha

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