Sweater Vest

I got so excited last night about finished the sweater vest. I sewed up the sides and put it on… it doesn’t fit. Sometimes my whims work out, and sometimes not at all. So, the front half fits, which is good, but the back half is baggy in weird places.. I’m not really sure how to fix it, even. But I might just take the back half, unravel it, leave it for a few weeks and then take it out and work on it again. I think it just needs to be left alone for a while.

But with that done, that gives me time to work on my buttony sweater!


4 thoughts on “Sweater Vest

  1. Oh, sad times. But the front is the more important and more difficult part to fit. So yeah, unravel it and leave it for a few days/weeks and try again. =)

  2. ok I found the answer to my question as I’m catching up on your blog!

    sad that the back didn’t work out but you wouldn’t be ali if you used a pattern, now would you! you’ll figure it out.

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