This weekend I was finally able to give Erika her Shalom Sweater. Naturally I only got one picture of her wearing it, and that only from the back, but oh well. Are you ready?


Ok, so I took two pictures of it, I guess.

So there it is! And I have the yarn for my sweater, and it’s gorgeous! I am so excited to start on that this week! I can keep you updated on that one, since it won’t be a surprise to anyone!

How are those new years resolutions to start knitting coming along? Erika joined me for a trip to Lamb’s Ear and got some really yummy yarn to get her started on a cute stripey scarf! Hopefully she’ll keep us updated on her progress!


4 thoughts on “Shalom!

  1. Looks, so great Ali! There’s a little inspiration to keep me going. So far, so good. I have the nice beginnings of a scarf going and then I started another project that needs longer needles(at least I think it may help me to learn a little easier), so I may be starting that one over again, we’ll see.

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