So being unemployed hasn’t been too bad so far. I already have a job lined up in Moscow, but in the meantime I’ve been trying to keep myself busy. Leaving lots of time for taking care of everything before the wedding.

I love old maps. I made a book for Autumn before she moved to London, made on a map of Washington. I should really get some pictures of that thing. I found this website of cartography maps.

How cool would that look framed on the wall?

So I am hoping that the apartment we’re moving into has cool cupboards.

You all know how much I love mismatched dishes! That’s why I didn’t register for any dishes, because I couldn’t decide on any that I liked enough to get lots of them.

Ok, off to run some errands, orthodontist appointment, getting my hair done and picking up some last minute things for the wedding!

Happy Birthday to Heidi, too! 15!

Have a wonderful Monday, everybody!