What to do on a lovely evening?

Strip and stain a table, of course!
crafty 002

So I got this table from Tina, who knows how many owners it has had. She loved it well, as did I. Little ghost man and all!
crafty 003Creepy, isn’t he?

Then we stripped it down;
crafty 010
Found some stain in the garage (really not sure how old this stuff is…)
crafty 012
And got back down to work;
crafty 014
crafty 015
Isn’t she a beaut?  And now it looks better with my chairs.


5 thoughts on “What to do on a lovely evening?

  1. Andrea,
    It did take a while, the stripping took the longest, obviously… It was hard but definitly worth it. That table needed some serious TLC!

  2. That table has never looked better! I have a coffee table and dresser(bright pink) that needs the same tlc, so someday I will be folling in your footsteps.

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