Blog Lameness

Sorry for not updating in forever. Been pretty busy lately. Not alot of new craftiness to show you. Getting ready for my trip to Europe coming up here in two (!) weeks. Getting some health issues taken care of. (Just got a root canal done today, yech) Anyhow, I’ve had some really good time thrifting lately. I found some fun dishes at St. Vincents, and these place mats at the Dollar Tree.




Also, my dear sisters Erika and Heidi found me some gnomes to take to Europe with me! I am very excited, because I don’t think I’d be brave enough to steal one out of someone’s garden.




I also got to spend last weekend with Paul, which was nice. And my Valentine is crafty, too! He can cut letters in cursive! Very impressive.



4 thoughts on “Blog Lameness

  1. Ah, I know! Right now I am really leaning towards Giggles… Oh, so the girls and I decided that when Autumn and I split up from Harmony and Charissa they will take one gnome and Autumn and I will take one gnome so one gnome (maybe the one doing yoga) will stay at home. I am thinking that the giggling one and the squatting one are our favs so far!

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