Red Cables

So, I made a totally awesome blanket for my dearest, and shipped it off and now it’s in Idaho and I forgot to take any pictures of it. But it really was an awesome blanket. Since then I’ve picked up a few projects that somehow worked their way to the bottom of my crafting box (well, the bottom ONE of my crafting boxes.. I’ve got several at the moment, way too many 1/2 finished projects!)

This blanket is teaching me patience, perserverance and humility.

I’m using some scrumptious merino-wool blend yarn that’s soft as can be, and really nice to work with. It feels good in your hands. Unfortunately, due to it’s silky nature it shows EVERY little mistake. And if you know me, you know that I tend to just keep going instead of taking it out and re-doing it. Not so with this blanket. If you mess up it SHOWS!

I am not entirely sure how big it’s going to be, because it’s kind of tiresome to work on, but I still have at least 4 skeins of it in my craft bag, and I’ll just use it all up and however big it is, that’s how big it’s going to stay!

Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Red Cables

  1. Yay! Finally you’re fixing your mistakes! I don’t mean that to say that you make many mistakes, or that the things that you make that may have a tiny mistake don’t look great anyway… but it’s true – you just keep going with stuff. And I don’t. I’m much too meticulous. Which is why it takes me forever to finish stuff. Oops. So I’m just selfishly glad you’re doing this the slow, tedious way.

  2. I know a baby that would like a red cable knit blanky for their room. At least at they will need it for winter, because they will only be 3 or 4 months old by the time it gets cold.
    I’m just sayin’. You got 7 months.

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