Harvest Party 2008

Last night we had our church’s harvest party. Many kudos to Kjerste and Derek for heading up booths and stuff. There were lots of fun games, lots of little kids in red. As Little Red Riding hood, I wasn’t very original, but that’s ok, there were lots of adorable lady bugs and check out Kaylynn as a football (the most adorable thing). My mom, Heather, Mrs. Allison and I did face paintings, and I did a ridiculous number of “Elmo’s”, but I think that was mostly because of Heidi’s influence. Check her out:

Like that’s not creepy!

My mom is stylin’.

Erika worked a ridiculous amount on this, but it looked amazing!

Little Red Riding Hood (one of the many that showed up)

Heidi is frighteningly Elmo like

The amazing spandex’d couple, Aaron and Jess!

Adam was the Kool-Aid man, Oh Yeah!

Effie and Hilary

Since I was face painting I didn’t get too many pictures of other people, but there was a talent show and everything. We had everything from opera to standup comedy. From Celtic Dancing to jazz singers. Oh, and in case you didn’t gather from the pictures above, the theme was “Red”.


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